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District Chairman 2018


Message from Dist. Chairman (IW Dist. 328) 


Hello Friends,
We stepped into another year of new hope and aspiration with the turn of the wheel. Our journey with new conviction starts now. At first, I take this opportunity to thank you all for entrusting me with the task of District Chairman. Your profound faith and confidence on me gives me energy and love which I will treasure always in my heart. On numerous occasions I have mentioned, it is you the respected members are the driving engines of Inner Wheel which gives the Inner Wheel the respect that it has earned over the years. Today song remains the same and I hope it continues to be like that in the future. Thank you once again for your kind support, love and the friendship that loop us in the wheel of love forever.  
We are passing a historical time when the oppression on women & children has reinvented itself and wrongs being committed on both mercilessly. On the other hand, women are also striving and striking out with excellence crossing the border of culture, lifestyle, science and technology. Given the context, Inner Wheel has to face the challenges in a structured coordinated way without any disarray. Please bear in mind, a District Chairman cannot alone accomplish everything on her own and member has to take responsibilities on their shoulder to make the organization a success. It’s a team work just like a bee hive. It would be my honor to see every member participating in some way making herself felt and visible around the year by contributing positively setting aside the personal issues in harmony as a team. At the end of the day what matters is the bottom line and how well we tried to do good to the others.  Great things in life are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people. That should be our Mantra.



Yours in Inner Wheel Friendship



Naima Shakhawet
District Chairman 2018-2019

Inner Wheel District 328. Bangladesh

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IWD Executive Committee 2017-2018

Nayar Islam
Club:IWC of Dhanmondi

Mrs. Naima Shakhawat
Vice Chairman-1
Club:IWC of Dhaka Cosmopolitan

Farida Hashem
District Chairman 2016-2017
Club:IWC of Dhaka West
+88 01819 412154

Yasmin Alam
Vice chairman-2
Club:IWC of Dhaka North East

Shamsunnahar Haque
District Secretary
Club:IWC of Dhanmondi
+88 01715-109105

Mrs. Momtaz Mahal Ranu
Extension Organizer
Club:IWC of Dhaka North East

Hosne Ara Hasna
District Treasurer
Club: IWC of Greater Dhaka
+88 01711-856371

Nargis Ahmed
International Service Organizer
Club: IWC of Uttara

Ferdous Sultana Mahmud
District Editor
Member: IWC of Dhaka West

Showkat Ara Dewan
Web Master
Member: IWC of Dhaka Cosmopolitan
+88 01715-105594

What is Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel is one of internationally reputed Women’s voluntary “service” Organization involved in philanthropic activities throughout the world. Inner Wheel Clubs throughout the world comprise the womenfolk of Rotarians. It is active in over 100 countries and geographic locations with over a hundred thousand members.

Inner Wheel concentrates upon Friendship and Personal Service. It is not what is termed a money raising organization but each club has projects that build fellowship and raise money to support charities.

One of the greatest features of Inner Wheel is the opportunity given to members of the world over to get know one another, thus contributing to International Friendship and Understanding. Although there is a serious side to this organization, the emphasis is upon members enjoying the part they play in the world of Inner Wheel.

International Inner Wheel began in July, 1967. International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s organizations with 98,173 members, spread over 103 countries in 168 Districts in almost 4130 clubs. The structure of Inner Wheel is :

  • International Inner Wheel Associations & Councils (Eligible countries)
  • Non District Clubs
  • Districts (Clubs from a District)
  • Clubs (12 Members from a Club)

As an NGO, International Inner Wheel has a consultative status at the UN and consequently members are appointed to represent Inner Wheel at the United States, Geneva and 2 in Vienna.
Since its inception in 1924, Inner Wheel continues to grow as new clubs from in different countries.

Each Club enjoys close ties with its corresponding Rotary Club and is always willing to support and assist Rotary when invited to do so.

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